Saturday, June 23rd
6:00 PM All-Night Vigil

Sunday, June 24th
Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (Matthew 8:5 - 13)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, June 30th
St. John (Maximovich), Archbishop of Shanghai and San Francisco

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy with a moleben to St. John.
6:00 PM All-Night Vigil

Sunday, July 1st
Fifth Sunday after Pentecost (Matthew 8:28 - 9:1)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, July 7th
The Nativity of St. John the Forerunner and Baptist

6:00 PM All-Night Vigil

Sunday, July 8th
Sixth Sunday after Pentecost, memory of the righteous Prince Peter and Princess Vevronia of Murom and St. John of Optina (Matthew 9:1-8)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Wednesday, July 11th
St. Sergius and Herman of Valaam

6:30 PM All-Night Vigil with a litiya, the blessing of the breads and laudation of Apostles Peter and Paul.

Thursday, July 12th
The Feast of St. Peter and Paul (Matthew 16:13-19)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, July 14th
6:00 PM All-Night Vigil

Sunday, July 15th
Seventh Sunday after Pentecost,
The Placing of the Venerable Robe of the Most Holy Theotokos at Blachernae, and the Okhtyrka icon of the Theotokos (Matthew 9:27-35)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Monday, July 16th
10:30 PM Matins with polieleion, with a laudation to the Royal Passion Bearers and the Righteous Martyrs of Alapayevsk.

At the center of the church there will be two icons present for veneration from the Ipatiev home, as well as relics of the Righteous Martyrs of Alapayevsk: Great Princess Elizabeth Feodorovna and her attendant, Sister Barbara. Confession will take place from 10 PM (those who commune on Sunday the 15th of July are eligible to approach the chalice without a secondary confession). The night time service will begin with Matins, and the transition to the Liturgy will begin after the singing of the Great Doxology (Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men) as is traditional at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Tuesday, July 17th
The 100 year martyrdom of the holy right-believing Royal Passion Bearers, Tsar Martyr Nicholas, Empress Alexandra, Grand Duke Alexei, and Grand Dutchesses Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia (John 15:17 - 16:2).
12:00 AM (approximate time) beginning of Divine Liturgy

Saturday, July 21st
The Kazan Icon of the Theotokos

6:00 PM All-Night Vigil

Sunday, July 22nd
Eight Sunday after Pentecost (Matthew 14:14-22)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Saturday, July 28th
Memory of St. Vladimir Equal to the Apostles, the 1030 year anniversary of the Baptism of Rus (John 10:1-9)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy and a moleben to St. Vladimir before an icon with his holy relics.
6:00 PM Matins

Sunday, July 29th
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost (Matthew 14:22-34)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy

Thursday, July 31st
6:30 PM All-Night Vigil with a litiya, the blessing of the breads, laudation of the feast and singing of an akathist to St. Seraphim of Sarov. General confession for all communicants.

After service there will be a reception at the rector's residence.

Friday, August 1st
St. Seraphim wonderworker of Sarov, our parish feast day (Luke 6:17-23)

9:30 AM Divine Liturgy

At the end of the liturgy there will be a moleben served to St. Seraphim followed by a procession of the cross around the church. After the services the sisterhood invites all to a luncheon.

Saturday, August 4th
St. Mary of Magdaline equal to the Apostles.

The forthcoming parish feast day of the St. Panteleimon chapel in Kittattiny, New Jersey, will be celebrated there at 9:30 AM. After the service there will be a luncheon served. The address of the chapel is: 67 Mountain Trail, Branchville NJ 07826. In view of this service there will be no service of vespers in our parish on this day.

Sunday, August 5th
10th Sunday after Pentecost
Memory of the Appearance of the Theotokos on the Pochaev Hill and St. John the new Chozebite (Mathew 17:14-23)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy and moleben before the Pochaev Icon of the Holy Theotokos.

Saturday, August 11th
6:00 PM All-Night Vigil

Sunday, August 12th
11th Sunday after Pentecost (Mathew 18:23-35)

9:00 AM Divine Liturgy


St. Seraphim Russian Orthodox Church 2017
131 Carpenter Ave.
Sea Cliff, NY 11579