PASCHAL GREETINGS from the Rector of St Seraphim Memorial Church

Dear in the Lord Fathers, Brothers and Sisters,

I would like to express my heartfelt greetings to all of you on these blessed days of Lazarus Saturday, Palm Sunday and Holy Week, on the exceptionally festive and joyous holiday of the Bright Resurrection of Christ, prayerfully wishing you peaceful Paschal bliss, so that today’s difficulties and sorrows dissolve into the celebration of Christ, Who rose from the grave on the third day! Every feast day of the Holy Church brings us profound spiritual joy, but this is especially so on the Bright Pascha of our Lord, from which overabundantly proceeds Divine light, happiness, mercy and the forgiveness of sins!

Every Holy Pascha, my thoughts travel to the Life-Giving Tomb of our Lord, where I have been blessed to participate in the Divine Liturgy on many occasions. The night service at the Lord’s Tomb, which has a certain Paschal fragrance to it, is always especially moving. In the Holy Land, everything around you is sacred and Divine and confirms one’s faith in God and in life eternal…. It is with special joy that I would like to share in this sanctity and Divinity with all who celebrate these Holy days, beseeching God for the health of all and for His help in these difficult times.

Below is the schedule of divine services through St. Thomas Sunday. The church is still closed to the public—we will have a few clerics, acolytes and singers only—but we welcome you to join us via live-stream on our YouTube page.
Even though faithful are unable to physically attend church services, our souls still yearn to light candles and pray before the beloved icons and other holy shrines of our parish. To that end, we have created a “candle-stand” page on our parish website, which affords you the opportunity to purchase candles, submit commemoration slips for the living and reposed, as well as make a donation to the parish: The church will commemorate you and your loved ones on specified days, and light candles on your behalf that will burn during the services. Any donations for the continued upkeep of the parish during this time—your “Easter egg”—would be greatly appreciated.

The best gift to the Risen Christ is self-sacrifice, which can be expressed by actively striving towards God in prayer and by pushing oneself to perform good deeds. As St. Evagrius teaches us: “The Pascha of our Lord is the passing over from evil to good. Let us bring Him a pleasing gift.” Amen.

With love in the Risen Christ, and a plea for your prayers,
Archpriest Serafim Gan
Parish Rector


Saturday, April 11: The Raising of Lazarus (Gospel of John 11:1-45). Divine Liturgy at 8:30 am.
Sunday, April 12: The Entrance of the Lord Into Jerusalem (Palm Sunday) (Gospel of John 12:1-18). Divine Liturgy at 9:30 am.

Great Thursday, April 16: Commemoration of the Mystical Meal (a.k.a. Last Supper). The reading of the hours at 8:30 am, followed by Vespers and the Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great.
Matins with the reading of the Twelve Passion Gospels at 6:30 pm.

Great Friday, April 17: The Salvific Passion of the Lord Jesus Christ. Great Vespers with the entombment of the Holy Shroud at 1 pm.
Matins at 6:30 pm (Gospel of Matthew 27:62-66).

Great Saturday, April 18: (Gospel of Matthew 28:1-20). The reading of the hours at 8:30 am, followed by Vespers and the Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great.
Paschal midnight office at 11:30 pm.

Sunday, April 19: The Pascha of our Lord. The Holy Resurrection of Christ. Holy Paschal Matins at 12 midnight followed by Divine Liturgy (Gospel of John 1:1-17).
Great Paschal vespers at 12 noon (Gospel of John 20:19-25).

Unfortunately, in connection with efforts to minimize the spread of the coronavirus by local authorities, the blessing of kulichi, the common trapeza feast after midnight services, the traditional Paschal reception and children’s games on Pascha day have been canceled.

Bright Monday, April 20: The Second Day of Holy Pascha (Gospel of John 1:18-28). Paschal matins at 9 am followed by Divine Liturgy.

Bright Saturday, April 25: The Apodosis of Bright Week (Gospel of John 3:22-33). Paschal matins at 9 am followed by Divine Liturgy.

Sunday, April 26: St Thomas Sunday (Gospel of John 20:19-31). Divine Liturgy and litiya with the commemoration of the reposed at 9:30 am.

St. Seraphim Russian Orthodox Church
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