On the Opening of Churches in Nassau County

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord!

The long-awaited moment has come – all of the churches in Nassau County can be opened this week. However, there are still certain restrictions which we need to follow: occupancy cannot exceed 25% of our capacity and masks are required. Because we live stream our services, we must follow this rule. If you feel uncomfortable standing in a mask, please do not sign up to come to services in person at this time. And, as before, if you are ill, have a cold, or belong to one of the high-risk groups, we advise you to refrain from attending services.

In order to avoid violation of the rules established for this phase, we will have sign-up sheets and will only admit the faithful that have signed up for that service in advance. We assume that we will be able to accommodate about 30-35 people, including singers and those standing in the altar for worship. Entrance to the temple will be only through the front doors, and someone will be standing on the porch of the church with a list of people who have signed up to attend the Divine Liturgy that day. We will, unfortunately, need to turn away anyone who comes to church without signing up in advance. Attendees will need to come to the Divine Liturgy no later than 9 a.m. (the doors will open at 8:45, when the reading of the Hours begins).

Since the number of participants to each service is limited, we kindly ask that you not sign up for each Liturgy. We must try to think of others in order to enable everyone to take part in the services. When signing up for a service, please be guided by the following rule: 1 adult = 1 place (if your children are not assigned to serve in the altar or sing in the choir, then they should stand next to you throughout the service). Before and after the service, no groups or clusters should be formed.

When praying and communicating with each other inside the church or on parish property, a mask and social distancing are required. We have marked spots in the church where you can stand. Once you have taken your place in the church, the faithful will take turns venerating the icons and putting up candles. At the end of the service, a general confession and communion of the laity will take place. For those who could not attend in person, you can still come for the general confession and communion, as we were doing during the quarantine.

During these three months of quarantine, we are already accustomed to wearing masks and keeping our distance in line or in stores, and this strict discipline must also be observed in the church. Violation of the rules could lead to fines, possibly closing the church. Unfortunately, these are the circumstances we live in. We ask for your forgiveness, patience and prayers that we, as a parish, safely and humbly get through this difficult time with spiritual benefit and God’s blessings!


St. Seraphim Russian Orthodox Church
131 Carpenter Ave.
Sea Cliff, NY 11579