On Sunday, April 17, the Feast of the Lord's Entry into Jerusalem, the rector of the St. Seraphim Church in Sea Cliff celebrated the Divine Liturgy with Protodeacons Pavel Wolkow and Eugene Kallaur. A large gathering of faithful attended the divine services, which were chanted quite festively by the parish choir under the direction of N.M. Miro. On this day, our pre-Paschal fair was held with great success, at which the Sisterhood, headed by E.M. Miheyev sold various Paschal treats. Consistent with pre-revolutionary tradition, a plate collection was held for the needs of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem which helps the monasteries, churches, clergy and monastics who, under very difficult conditions, guard and protect the various holy sites of the Russian Church Abroad in the Holy Land. In the recent weeks, our parish has also raised more than $4,000 for the needs of refugees who have suffered during the war in Ukraine. The funds have been sent to the Fund for Assistance to the Russian Church Abroad, which transferred more than $250,000 to the Fund of the Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church “Peace to you all” and to the German diocese, headed by Metropolitan Mark of Berlin and German, both who are hosting a large number of refugees. During Holy Week and Bright Week the parish was contacted by a number of refugees requesting to visit the church to say a prayer, put up candles and receive communion. Please continue to donate money to and pray for the refugees.

The services of Holy Week and Pascha were well-attended, prayerful and uplifting. For the celebration of Pascha, the Sisterhood decorated the church and the hall, and arranged a festive meal on the night of the bright celebration. Protodeacon Pavel Wolkow, Protodeacon Eugene Kallaur and the acolytes headed by subdeacon P.P. Wolkow also worked hard in arranging a joyful celebration for everyone. The choir sang touchingly and joyfully under the direction of N.M. Miro, instilling Paschal joy in the hearts of those who attended services. A.S. and M.O. Slobodskoy and M.E. Kallaur decorated the path of the night procession with candles. Our website hosted a live broadcast of all divine services to allow those unable to attend the services to participate in the joyous celebration. As always, the most touching and exciting moment in the Pascha service was the procession: at midnight, according to Christian tradition, all Orthodox churches symbolize the Life-Giving Sepulcher of the Lord, in which the miracle of the Bright Resurrection of Christ took place. All pilgrims who remained until the end of the Paschal service approached the Chalice of Christ. After the Great Paschal Vespers on Sunday afternoon, the rector hosted a reception in the church courtyard. Paschal services were also celebrated on the second day of the celebration and on Bright Saturday.

On the third Sunday of Holy Pascha, when the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the holy myrrh-bearing women, the parish sisterhood of the St. Seraphim memorial church in Sea Cliff celebrates their holiday. This year's celebration went exceptionally well. After Divine Liturgy, the rector celebrated a Paschal moleben in the refectory with special commemoration of the members of the sisterhood, headed by E.M. Miheyev. The celebration ended with a festive meal, which was superbly prepared and hosted by the men of the parish in honor of the sisterhood and the better half of the parishioners attending St. Seraphim Church in Sea Cliff. You can be sure that all the participants in this bright celebration left the St. Seraphim parish in the illumination of the Grace of Pascha.

St. Seraphim Russian Orthodox Church
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